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The Official InstallShield for Windows Installer Developer's Guide

850 pages
includes CD-ROM


Table of contents:

Part I - Introduction to the Windows Installer
Chapter 1 - Software Installation, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Chapter 2 - The Windows 2000 Deployment Architecture
Chapter 3 - Design and Implementation of the Windows Installer Service
Chapter 4 - Direct Creation of an MSI Package
Chapter 5 - Adding a User Interface to Our Installation

Part II - Basic Package Creation with ISWI
Chapter 6 - Overview of the ISWI Authoring Tool
Chapter 7 - Basic Installation Package Creation with ISWI
Chapter 8 - Controlling the Installation
Chapter 9 - Creating the Installation User Interface

Part III - Extending the Windows Installer Functionality
Chapter 10 - Extensibility Through Custom Actions
Chapter 11 - Creating and Using Custom Actions
Chapter 12 - The ISWI Scripting Environment
Chapter 13 - Introduction to the InstallScript Language

Part IV - Advanced Concepts
Chapter 14 - Advanced InstallScript
Chapter 15 - InstallScript and COM
Chapter 16 - Using InstallScript to Create Custom Actions
Chapter 17 - Creating and Sharing Components
Chapter 18 - The Creation and Use of Transforms

Part V - Solving Real World Problems
Chapter 19 - Localizing an Installation
Chapter 20 - Handling Updates and Upgrades of a Product

Appendix A - MsiExec Command Line Options
Appendix B - Summary Information Stream Reference
Appendix C - InstallScript Run-Time Architecture
Appendix D - System Reboots
Appendix E - What's on the CD-ROM

Author Bob Baker is a technical trainer at InstallShield Software Corporation.

Author: Bob Baker
Publisher: Hungry Minds, Inc.

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