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InstallShield eLearning Online Seminar:
Fundamentals of Windows Installer (MSI) Custom Actions (English)

This on-demand, self-paced online seminar will be delivered to your desk via internet.

Prices per person:

European Union    299,00 EUR
United Kingdom    190,00 GBP
Rest of the World    299,00 USD

The prices listed above don't include taxes.


Please read the conditions and notes below


This seminar provides in-depth coverage of topics related to creating and scheduling custom actions in a Windows Installer project. You will learn about the differences between different action-scheduling options—immediate, deferred, rollback, and so forth—and learn how to apply conditions to actions so that they run only when needed. You will gain exposure to basic custom action types, such as setting values of properties and directory properties, launching executables, and displaying error messages; you will also learn how to handle special installation types, such as silent installations and uninstallation.
Future installments of this seminar will focus on specific custom action technologies, such as DLL custom actions and VBScript custom actions.

Receive over 4 hours of in-depth training at your desk at a time that is convenient for you. You will be provided a total of 8 hours to complete the presentation at your own pace. This allows four additional hours for review, pausing and playback, if needed. Receive the 50-page seminar manual, which you can print and keep for future reference. Participants will be provided free access to a dedicated InstallShield Community, where MSI experts from InstallShield will answer questions relevant to the seminar content. Available in English language only.


Technical Requirements

Language: English

Organizer: InstallShield Software Corp.

Important Notes for Training Registration

When you submit this form we forward your data to the organizer of the training. They will send you a formal training contract with the final price. You need to sign this contact and fax it back to the organizer.

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