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Virtualization Pack

AdminStudio Virtualization Pack is available as an add-on to the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions of AdminStudio and can only be bought as a bundle with one of these AdminStudio editions (upgrade pricing available).

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AdminStudio with Virtualization Pack enables you to create virtualized packages of your applications or to convert existing Windows Installer (MSI) based setups to virtual applications.

AdminStudio with Virtualization Pack support the following application virtualization solutions:

Manufacturer: Flexera Software

Use of this software is subject to the End User License Agreement which you can download from the Product information page.

Registration and Activation Required! The user's contact infomation is required when ordering. After installing the software it needs to be activated by entering the serial number. This activation must be repeated yearly. If the computer is connected to the internet this will happen automatically.
Usage monitoring and auditing: The manufacturer may monitor usage of the software for statistics and to verify compliance with the EULA. Flexera Software may also request an audit. Please see the EULA for details.

License Key

By default this product will be distributed electronically, without physical media. That means you'll receive a license key and a link to download the software. If you have already installed the evaluation version you can simply unlock it with this key, without need for another download. If you wish to receive the software on physical media please add the "DVD-ROM" item to your shopping cart, too. Ordering a DVD at a later time will cause significant additional costs.

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