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Tarma InstallMate

InstallMate creates software installers for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit desktop and server platforms, with complete customization of all installer actions and dialogs.

Tarma InstallMate does not create Windows Installer (MSI) setups.

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InstallMate 9 Professional
InstallMate 9 Professional, new license
InstallMate 9 Professional, upgrade from v7
InstallMate 9 Professional, upgrade from pre-v7
InstallMate 9 Professional Site License
InstallMate 9 Professional Site, new license
InstallMate 9 Professional Site, upgrade from v7
InstallMate 9 Professional Site, upgrade from pre-v7

Notice about Tarma Installer

Tarma Installer has been superseded by Tarma InstallMate.

Notice about Tarma QuickInstall and Tarma ExpertInstall

Due to the introduction of Windows 7, these products have been discontinued. We recommend that you upgrade to Tarma InstallMate for full compatibility with all Windows versions. Existing users can keep using the product; their licenses do not expire.