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Changes in InstallShield 2010 Activation

This page lists some changes in the activation procedures for InstallShield 2010. For a details description see the InstallShield Activation User Guide (PDF). Please contact us with any questions you amy have.

The following only applies to the "node locked" licensing model, which most customers use. In the "concurrent licensing" model no activation is required, instead a license server is installed in the customer's network.

Periodical Re-Activation

Re-activation is required within 12 month from the last successful action. In other words, your InstallShield software typically must be re-activated on a yearly basis.

If your computer is connected to the internet, re-activation usually happens automatically, without user interaction.

If reactivation can't be performed automatically, e.g. your computer is not connected to the internet, the activation wizard will be displayed when you launch InstallShield. It lets you perform offline re-activation similar to the first time activation. The wizard will start reminding you of re-activation 30 days before your license expires, so you can defer re-activation to a time that's convenient for you.

If a required re-activation isn't performed, the software will stop working and the license becomes available again. This may be helpful if you haven't used InstallShield for a longer while and your computer was replaced in the meantime, without uninstalling the software. After the license was automatically de-activated on the old computer you can use the serial number again to activate on your new computer.

Manual Deactivation

Typically your license will automatically be released when you uninstall InstallShield. But you can also release the license without uninstalling. To do this, use the Help > About InstallShield menu to display the About InstallShield dialog. On this dialog click the "Return License" button. If your computer is connected to the internet this will automatically retirn the license to the server (if not see Offline Deactivation below).

You can now use this serial number to activate on your new computer. InstallShield will be disabled on the old computer.

Please note that the license agreement only allows one such transfer per year, see Limitation of Activation Frequency below.

Offline Deactivation

If your computer isn't connected to the internet you can also release the license offline before you uninstall InstallShield. Follow the steps for Manual Deactivation as described above. If offline deactivation fails, the activation wizard will be displayed. You can use it to deactivate by e-mail similar to offline activation.

Limitation of Activation Frequency

You can deactivate a license (by uninstalling or manually) to move the software to another computer, e.g. if your computer gets replaced or if a co-worker takes over the task of creating setups. But this should not be mis-used to move the license regularly in order to use it on multiple computers or share it with other users. The license agreement only allows one such transfer per year. If you try to activate more frequently, your request may be rejected by the server. If you need to transfer the software frequently you should consider the "Concurrent Licensing" model instead.